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Production Planner
TI Group
Date Posted:
September 05, 2017
Production Planner

We are looking for a self-motivated, enthusiastic, professional Production Planner that will work in our most central role at TI Group. This position has direct contact with the widest variety of people – customers, sales, estimating, plant managers, supervisors, line workers, suppliers, purchasing and accounting.

We Offer:

We’re a leader in integrated visual communications that provides strategic, cost-effective solutions for our clients. We’re passionate about keeping up with the latest digital technology so we can offer our clients the best. We can provide a competitive compensation package and fully paid benefit plan. Our qualified team members are offered flexibility, training and advancement opportunities.

How You’ll Get Results

The Planner is responsible for managing and coordinating project(s) from docket creation to completion of the job. Working in a team, the Planner will work with other Planners to service an assigned Sales group. The Planner will use resources on the team to solve problems and make decisions at all stages of the job. You will also have relationships with Sales team, Manufacturing group, customers and Company as a whole.


• Project Co-ordination

o Have a thorough understanding of each job being handled – including end use. (A single job may have many parts.)

o Confirm that all specifications received for the job are complete – including packing and shipping information – contact Sales, or the Customer, for clarification when necessary

o Ensure that job specs match estimate provided, and communicate any cost variations to Sales.

o Create a docket for each job as per current production department methods and processes

o Arrange a schedule for proofing, printing and finishing – including the acquisition of outside materials and / or subcontracted work – as required to meet the delivery requirements of the project

 If the requested delivery cannot be met, the best possible date must be determined and communicated to Sales immediately

o Prepare all necessary layouts / impositions required for prepress

o Inspect proofs and mock-ups before submission to Sales / Customer

o Follow-up with TI Group employees, or with subcontractors, to ensure accuracy of work being done and timely delivery of materials, job parts and / or the finished project

o Inspect and approve all final job samples – both customer and internal samples

o Be available for consultation regarding job information before, during or after actual production

o Be aware of, and responsible for, all costs associated with final production of jobs – NCRs where applicable are to be completed and approved

o Ensure that all purchase orders are included and contain final, confirmed pricing

o Review the overall costs of the job once complete and shipped to confirm that all job costs have been accrued – be prepared to explain variances from actual to estimated

o Submit the completed docket and the reviewed (with comments) cost sheet within 48 hours of final shipment to Sales for final invoicing


• Gain a thorough knowledge and understanding of TI Group’s production equipment and capabilities (speeds, limitations, preferred substrates)

• Gain a thorough knowledge and understanding of the equipment and capabilities of our suppliers and sub-contracted vendors

• Be available for colour and / or quality checks

• Personally inspect the quality and correctness of work being done at TI as required

• Periodically negotiate timing and / or pricing with suppliers to achieve promised delivery dates and / or recover profitability

• Assist with, and ensure, the timely completion of NCRs (Non-Conformance Reports) when required

• Support team efforts and initiatives – participate in the on-going improvement of processes and methods

• Take initiative, explore new methods, provide recommendations, share new ideas

• Available for additional hours if need be and will do what it takes to get the job done

• Communicate absences i.e. holidays to senior planner/team lead to arrange for adequate coverage for your duties and responsibilities

You are the bridge between our customers and the final product they receive. You will have responsibilities to those customers, to our Sales team, to our Manufacturing group, and to the company as a whole. You must execute these responsibilities by coordinating the efforts of many people, performing many operations. Further, in this position you will ultimately approve, or create, the plan that will determine the end result – in quality, in timeliness, and in profitability. The decisions you make will affect both the reputation of our company and our ability to earn a profit.

Years of Experience:

Minimum 2 years related experience in print production


Post-secondary education including college or university in the graphic arts


• Strong knowledge of manufacturing functions - production process including press impositions; experience with project management techniques

• Strong knowledge of Printing and staying up to date on the latest industry technology

• Ability to deal with stakeholders at all levels, ability to cultivate relationships

• Broad knowledge and experience in dealing with outside suppliers and is comfortable negotiating timing and pricing with suppliers

• Exceptional computer skills, specifically in the use and application of MS Word/Excel and related software

• Basic understanding of databases

• Strong understanding of prepress methods (including colour management), finishing methods and requirements, other related manufacturing/fabrication, packaging and shipping

• Understanding of supporting technology – ePACE, creating/editing dockets, estimates, change orders, multiple dockets

Behavioural Competencies:

• Excellent organizational skills – methodical and detail orientated

• Creativity and strong problem solving skills in order to present solutions and recommendations to key stakeholders

• Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, continually prioritizing and multi-tasking

• Demonstrates strong leadership traits, abilities and behaviors

• Strong communications skills, both written and verbal

• Self-motivated and enthusiastic

• Team Orientation: Works as a team and shares work accordingly amongst group

• Cultivates Relationships: Working with senior planner/team lead initiative direct contact with customers, sales, estimating, plant managers, supervisors, line workers, suppliers, purchasing and accounting

• Problem Solving: Demonstrates curiosity as to why & how things work (or don't work) with a responsible, problem- solving, get-it-done attitude

• Autonomy: Demonstrates a strong level of independence and ownership of their work through all stages - including cost responsibility and invoicing

• New Methods: Proactive in researching alternative methods and materials -- including emerging technologies

• Solution-Oriented: Is comfortable and enthusiastic in discussions with customers and supportive of efforts of sales dept.

Job Type: Full Time/Salary Based

This position offers a competitive compensation plan and benefits package, including health, dental and life insurance and paid vacation. To learn more about our company, please visit Please submit your resume to Human Resources at and reference Production Planner in the subject line no later than 5:00 pm (EST) on September 19th, 2017.

TI Group is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, citizenship, colour, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, or other protected characteristics and is committed to employing a diverse workforce.
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