Job Title:
Sales/Print Broker
11-105 Whitby, ON
Date Posted:
March 04, 2019
Sales Rep and/or Print Brokers welcome!

We are hiring sales reps and have opportunities for print brokers.

Our operations cater to all aspects of the print industry, including litho-offset, small format digital, large format digital and direct mail.

If you are a sales rep currently providing all or some of these service to your clients and would appreciate better compensation for your efforts, please contact us.

We also have utmost discretion for print brokers here, along with fabulous discounted pricing. So if you are looking for a significant improvement in service and quality and an office to work out of (if required) please contact us.

We are seasoned veterans and thoroughly understand all aspects of printing and print related services.

Our people are "service-first" trained and therefore always cater to sales and clients, swiftly & pleasantly.

No jobs are too big or small, we appreciate all work entrusted to us.

If you would like to discuss or ask questions,

Please contact Paul Ricci at or 416-617-8239.

(All correspondence will be held in strict confidence!)
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